About Us


Guided Meditation Track is run by (Ricky) who started his career on the internet as an engineer developing dream’s projects for his clients. Ricky loves to provide value to our society and helping people to achieve success in life.¬†

Why Guided Meditation Track?

We believe that our Product Live Your Best Life Meditation, combined with the 2 incredible bonuses (Manifest Abundance and Wealth & 20 Tips to Attract Prosperity in Your Life), are very powerful guides that transform us and lead us to our truest potential. Even more powerful is the combination of the guided visualization meditation and life-changing for better some practical information, just by going deep within we will find the creativity, prosperity, peace, harmony and the ways of realizing our dream life.

The audio track that comes with this, is designed to help you in¬†meditation that assists you by rewiring your destiny to be the kind of person who naturally attracts wealth and abundance…, so it keeps you on the right path and right mindset.